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The Function Of The Control Board In Your Furnace And The Repairs Needed If The Board Goes Bad

The control board in your furnace controls all aspects of the heating cycle when a signal is received from the thermostat. It's a vital part of your furnace, and if it malfunctions, your furnace may not turn on or it may not heat your home. Here's a look at some important functions of the control board and what happens when the board goes bad.

Two Functions Of The Furnace Control Board

The control board can let you know when parts in your furnace are malfunctioning by displaying error codes with indicator lights. There should be a chart inside your furnace that explains the codes.

If the problem is something simple, like a clogged filter, you can change the filter before damage is done to your furnace. However, if the error codes signal something wrong with a switch or other part, you may need to call a furnace repair technician.

Besides keeping your furnace operational when the board receives signals as the furnace turns on and shuts down, the control board is also responsible for keeping you safe. The board can shut down your furnace when a part malfunctions to prevent damage or for safety reasons.

How To Tell If The Control Board Is Bad

When the control board goes bad, your furnace will have the same symptoms it has if other parts go bad. It can be difficult to diagnose a problem with the control board. A furnace repair technician can test the board and wires to rule out problems and narrow down the issue.

A Bad Control Board Can Be Replaced

If wiring is loose, tightening the wires might solve the problem. When the board itself is bad, the board will need to be replaced. Sometimes a board goes bad due to a short circuit or power surge.

A furnace control board looks similar to a circuit board in a computer, except the one in your furnace has many wires connected to it. These wires have to be removed so the bad board can be taken out. The furnace repair technician must choose the right control board for your furnace and then attach the wires to the new board in the exact way they were attached to the old board.

Replacing a furnace control board is one of the more expensive types of furnace repair, but it's essential to have a properly functioning control board since it acts as the brain for your furnace.

A furnace that malfunctions doesn't always have a problem with the control board, but it's always good to get your furnace checked out, even if the problem is minor, so your furnace stays in good shape for as many years as possible.

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