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2 Furnace Noises Requiring Your Immediate Attention

Usually, when your home's furnace is running, you may barely even be aware of its existence except for the low hum from the blower or the gentle whooshing of air coming out of your vents. However, if you start hearing other noises, they could indicate either a minor or major problem. Below are a couple of noises that require your immediate attention if you start to hear them.

1.  High-Pitched Squealing That Is Either Heard Intermittently or Constantly

One noise you may hear coming from your furnace is hard to miss. Whether or not you hear a high-pitched squealing sound intermittently or constantly, the irritating noise should be investigated as soon as possible.

There are a couple of possible causes of a squealing sound, and both have to do with the blower. One potential issue could be a loose fan belt that is slipping on the pulleys that join the fan and the motor. If the belt is not tightened or replaced, it will eventually either stretch to the point that it no longer grips the pulleys or it will break.

Another problem indicated by a squealing noise is that the bearings inside the blower motor have become worn or too dry. In either case, friction will build up within the motor, which could eventually cause it to burn out.

2.  Rapid Clicking Noises Heard Whenever the Blower Is Running

Another furnace noise that should be investigated sooner rather than later is a clicking that is heard whenever the blower is running. This sound resembles that which is caused by a thin object that gets caught in the spokes of a bicycle wheel while you are riding it.

Usually, this sound means that something has become caught within the fan blades. Not only is the noise rather annoying, but the object creates resistance against which the fan must push through.

Eventually, this increased resistance will cause a strain on the blower's motor because it has to work harder. This scenario could cause the motor to burn out prematurely, making it necessary to replace it.

While the above noises may only require a simple fix, they could also indicate a serious issue that could cause your furnace to break down completely, which is something that you do not want to happen when temperatures are frigid. Contact an HVAC contractor who offers furnace repair services to have them inspect the heating unit to find the problem and take the necessary action.