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Furnace Maintenance Tips To Help You Avoid Costly Repairs

Winter is just around the corner, and you no doubt want to keep your house or building comfortable for your family or employees. Having a properly functioning furnace can go a long way towards helping you succeed in that goal. But there isn't a furnace out there that doesn't require regular maintenance and upkeep if you want it to keep doing its job in the months ahead. Here are some furnace maintenance tips designed to help you avoid a costly furnace repair.

The Sooner You Address It, The Better Off You'll Be

Some home and business owners are content with their furnace being in "good enough" working condition. But "good enough" can quickly turn into an issue if you let developing issues continue to linger. The earlier in the winter you address a potential problem, the less likely it will be that something blows up in your face. Schedule an appointment with a furnace repair service for a maintenance checkup early in the winter. Even if the repair service doesn't find anything that needs fixed right away, they can help fine tune the device and give you peace of mind that everything should be all right during the cold months to come.

Remove Dust and Debris

Even if you are not a furnace expert, there are at least a couple tasks you can handle yourself on a regular basis. The first is to try and keep your furnace free of dust or debris. Exposure to any of this gunk will make your furnace run less efficiently and may eventually develop into a larger issue that costs you money. Open up your furnace when it is turned off, and use a brush to gently nudge out dust that might be coating the furnace's interior. Then, use a hand-held vacuum to suck away all of the dust and debris. The cleaner you can keep your furnace, the better off you'll be.

Change the Filter

The occasional dusting can help keep your furnace running, but so can changing the filter. This is another task that is relatively simple and can be handled by just about anyone. Change your filter at least once every couple of months, or once per month with heavy use. A clean filter is another way to ensure maximum operating efficiency, and this could save you money on your HVAC bill in addition to keeping repairs at bay.

Get an annual inspection early in the winter, and be diligent about keeping the filter clean with new filters and a regular dusting. More complicated issues should be handled by a professional