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3 Innovative Ways To Stay Warm And Cozy During A Heating Outage

In the middle of the coldest winter night, your furnace shuts down unexpectedly and you are stuck indoors due to the snow. Place a call to a heating repair service for help, and use these three innovative ideas to stay warm. 

1. Pop up a tent inside the house. 

It may sound like an odd recommendation, but if you've ever camped in chilly weather, you will know how quickly a tent can get warm and cozy. Due to the small interior of a tent and your own body heat, the interior of a small tent will get warm pretty fast. If you're out of heat until the repair professional can get to you, set up your tent in the family room or even build a blanket fort. You may be surprised how warm you will stay. 

2. Heat up a sock filled with dry rice and get cozy. 

Fill a sock with dry rice, pop it in the microwave for a few minutes, and then snuggle up with your rice sock inside a blanket. Years ago, it wasn't common for people in the cold to heat up water, put it in a rubber pouch, and hunker down in their blankets for the evening. Rice socks are a similar idea, but there is no water involved and you do not have to have a rubber water pouch on hand. You can also achieve the same thing with dry lentils. 

3. Make some hot cocoa. 

Remember how satisfying that hot cup of cocoa was after playing in the snow? Drinking warm liquids like coffee, tea, or cocoa may actually help increase your body temperature by just a tiny bit, but just consuming something warm, holding the cup in your hands, and feeling the steam on your face can be enough to make you feel warmer if your house is cold. If your heat goes out and you can't leave the house, pull out the hot cocoa and get everyone a cup. It could make quite a difference in how comfortable everyone feels. 

It can be scary to be caught in the dreary winter, with snow on the ground and no heat available because your furnace went out. Don't be afraid to think outside of the norm. Pop up a tent in the living room, heat some socks of rice in the microwave, and gather everyone in the tent for a cup of hot cocoa. You'll be cozy and warm until the heating repair service arrives.