Improving Your Air Conditioner

What Determines The Location Of Your AC Compressor

If you are going to be having central air conditioning installed at your home, you may be wondering where the compressor unit will be installed outside your home. While the unit can go almost anywhere, some thought does go into where it should go for an optimal location. The following factors will be considered as part of the decision.

Your Local Laws

The first thing an HVAC contractor is going to do is determine what local laws could affect the placement of the condenser. The most common problem you'll run into is if there is a law regarding how close to a neighbor's home you can have the compressor installed, or how far away it must be from a window that opens. These laws could eliminate some potential spots right away, even if they are more ideal for other reasons. If you don't follow the laws, you'll end up having to pay to move the compressor to another location.

Your Furnace's Location

Your central air conditioning will work with your furnace to provide cold air to your home. This is done by circulating refrigerant that extracts the heat from the air and then forcing that cold air through your vents. It doesn't make sense to create a long line for the refrigerant to flow through if it isn't necessary. If possible, your HVAC contractor is going to install the compressor in a spot that is very close to the furnace. This proximity will require less refrigerant line, which means there is less of a chance of it having a leak later on. It can also speed up the installation since the refrigerant line is going to be shorter and require less pipe.

Your Surface Conditions

The air conditioner needs a place that is level and elevated off the ground to keep the water away from the unit. Even though it is meant to operate in the rain, being submerged in water won't be good for the unit. If you have a flat roof, your HVAC contractor may recommend installing the compressor up there so it is out of the way from ground level flooding. They may also recommend installing a slab of concrete to create the ideal position for the compressor.

Think you know of a great place where the compressor could go? Let your HVAC contractor know when they come to give you an estimate. They will definitely take your personal preferences into consideration and let you know if the spot you have in mind will work out. For more information, contact a local HVAC installation company like Comfort Medics