Improving Your Air Conditioner

When and How to Get Your HVAC Cleaned

Cleaning your HVAC system is important for health reasons and to ensure the proper functioning of the system. A dirty HVAC system can spread dust, mold, and other airborne particles throughout your house. If dirt ends up on certain parts of your HVAC system, it can reduce the performance of these parts. This may cause the system to operate inefficiently, resulting in faster degradation.

What is the best time to clean your HVAC system and how can you ensure your system is properly cleaned?

After Long Periods of Disuse

When your HVAC system has not been used for a while, like when you go on a long holiday, dust is likely to have settled in different parts of the system. You should always check your system after extended periods of disuse. If you find there is a buildup of dust and dirt, you should have it cleaned by a professional.

When the Air Smells Dusty or Musty

The air from your HVAC system is supposed to smell clean and fresh. If your air smells like it has a lot of dust or if people start sneezing whenever the HVAC is turned on, there's a good chance there's dust in the air ducts or the air inlet.

A musty smell is indicative of mold or some other fungal growth. This can cause serious respiratory problems for those in your home. Apart from cleaning the HVAC, the source of the moisture will also need to be identified and fixed.

When the HVAC Seems to Be Working Harder Than Usual

When your HVAC system seems louder than usual when you turn it on, it could mean that it's having to work harder to suck in air from outside. This is a very common issue when the air filters are clogged. Clogged air filters should be cleaned or replaced immediately because they can cause a lot of wear on other parts of the system.

Get Your HVAC Cleaned

There are two ways to get your HVAC clean: you can do the job by yourself or you can have it done by a professional. Cleaning air ducts and certain parts of the outdoor unit is something you can and should do regularly. A simple vacuuming may be all you need. You may also need to remove leaves and other debris clogging the outdoor unit. However, cleaning other parts on the inside of your HVAC should be left to an HVAC services provider.