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Four Parts Of Your Furnace That Can Become Damaged

Furnace problems can be a bit of a mystery if you do not know what the different parts are. Here are four furnace components that can potentially stop working and prevent you from getting heat.

Damaged Control Board

A control board is not common in very old furnaces, but you'll find them in any modern furnace that you can buy today. You can tell if you have a damaged control board if the furnace demonstrating odd behavior, like turning on the air conditioner while the furnace is running. You may see burn marks on the control board if it has gone bad, but sometimes the problem can be hard to diagnose if you are not a professional HVAC technician.

Damaged Gas Valve

If the gas valve of the furnace is getting power, but it isn't opening, then a solenoid located on the gas valve has gone bad. You can tell this is happening if the furnace starts up normally and then shuts off suddenly. This is because the furnace isn't getting gas, and the gas valve needs to be replaced with a new one.

Damaged Heat Exchanger

Your furnace has a primary and secondary heat exchanger if it is a high efficiency model or just a single heat exchanger that is not. This part is a crucial component of the furnace that separates combustion gases from the air going into your home. While this part is meant to last just as long as your furnace does, it can fail prematurely for multiple reasons. A dirty furnace filter can cause overheating, which will shorten the part's lifespan.

An HVAC technician will test this part by seeing how much combustion gases leave your home through your chimney. They'll be able to tell if the gas levels are normal or if there is a problem. Unfortunately, a cracked heat exchanger can be enough to justify replacement of the entire furnace, since you can no longer guarantee that the dangerous gases the furnace produces will not get back into your home.

Damaged Ignition Module

The ignition module is essentially a control board that just controls the ignition, and it helps control the flame sensor, the gas valve, and spark igniter. A damaged ignition module can cause problems with these parts not getting the power they need, which causes them to not work. This is another part that needs to be tested by an HVAC profession to verify if the part has gone bad.

If you believe that you have a furnace problem, reach out to furnace repair service.