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4 Questions about Furnace Problems

If there is one part of your house that causes you a lot of confusion, it is likely your furnace. The whole system may seem as complicated as a car engine, with a bunch of parts that you aren't certain about how they all work. You may have the following questions about some furnace problems.

Why Does the Furnace Constantly Run?

Have you noticed that your furnace is constantly running without having a break? If so, your gut reaction may be that the thermostat is broken. What may actually be the cause of a constantly running furnace is the furnace itself. It may have troubles interpreting the signal sent from the thermostat, causing the unit to constantly run rather than shut off once it reaches the desired temperature. The nonstop running could also be caused by a trip sensor that has broken down, but that's less likely, due to how uncommon the problem is. If you have a new furnace, it may be undersized for your home and therefore not producing enough heat.

Why Is the Furnace Making a Lot of Noise?

For the most part, a furnace is designed to be quiet when it is running. There will be a low rumble as air passes through the blower motor, but it shouldn't be loud enough that it's disruptive to you. Be concerned when you hear banging noises from inside the unit. It's an indication that something is wrong with a moving part inside the furnace, such as the blower motor. You can have your furnace serviced to replace any parts that are failing and causing problems.

Should There Be a Concern about an Increase in Energy Bills?

It does not matter if you have a furnace powered by electricity or gas, because a spike in your energy bills during the winter is an indication that something is wrong with your furnace. This could be caused by an electric furnace that is pulling in additional electricity or a gas furnace that is using too much gas.

Do Dirty Air Filters Make a Difference in Furnace Performance?

Don't make the mistake of thinking that an air filter only makes the air from the furnace cleaner. A dirty filter can actually make a difference in how much energy the appliance uses. That's because it will be harder for air to push its way through a dirty filter, causing the furnace to work harder than necessary. This is another reason that energy bills can spike and the unit can break down prematurely.

For more information or assistance, contact a furnace repair service.