Improving Your Air Conditioner

Evaporator Maintenance For Beginners

An HVAC system is essentially made up of many smaller systems that have their own special processes and require different maintenance. All of the systems are definitely connected and interdependent on each other.

But, as a homeowner, when it comes to good long-term HVAC maintenance, you can't necessarily do all of the maintenance on the system yourself. For example, the compressing system is something that you probably shouldn't touch if you aren't a licensed contractor. On the other hand, cleaning your air ducts and registers is super easy and doesn't require any special skills. This article focuses on how to maintain the evaporating system. This is one of the most vital parts of an HVAC system, and it is linked to both heating and air conditioning and split air systems.

Where the Evaporator's Located and What It Does

The HVAC evaporator is directly connected to the air handler or furnace. It is usually in its own small cabinet, which is usually on top of the furnace cabinet. You can be sure that it is the evaporator if you open up the cabinet door and see a metal component that is shaped like a pyramid with copper tubing on the outside. These tubes are actually the evaporator coils. The refrigerant that flows through these tubes may help to draw moisture out of the air that is being circulated through the air handler.

So, the evaporator, as you can probably guess by the name itself, evaporate moisture so that the air that flows through your ducts is dry. This is really one of the central parts of the process of your air being "conditioned".

How to Clean the Evaporator

There really is no special tool or trick for cleaning the evaporator. You just don't want to actually scrub the coils too vigorously because they are copper, which is bendable, and rather soft. You want to try and clean out the space in between the coils, removing any dirt and dust buildup without damaging anything or bending the coils. You can use a small, soft-bristled scrub brush, rags, and even a hose vacuum to clean out the evaporator box.

As you can tell, evaporator maintenance is basically a no-brainer. It is well worth learning this basic maintenance task because it can definitely result in better airflow and improved efficiency. You don't need any special tools or experience. Yet, a well-maintained evaporator will result in lower energy usage linked to your HVAC system and reduce the need of a heating repair professional.