Improving Your Air Conditioner

Keep Things Cool: How To Keep Your Home Cool Without Overworking Your AC This Summer

Summer is a great time to plan fun family outings. Unfortunately, you can't have as much fun if most of your budget is going towards the cooling bill. The best way to avoid paying too much for your cooling bill this summer is to keep your AC tuned up and serviced. However, there are other steps you can take as well. Once you've had your air conditioner serviced, use the tips described below to reduce your cooling bill even more.

Give Your AC a Rest

If you've got your air conditioner running non-stop, 24 hours a day, you're wasting energy, increasing your cooling bill, and overworking your HVAC system. To prevent those situations from occurring, you need to give your air conditioner a break for a few hours each day. The best way to do that is to turn it off when you're not going to be using it. If you're gone during the day, turn the thermostat up while you're away. On the other hand, if you work nights, go ahead and cool your home during the day. That way, you can stay comfortable while you're home and then turn it off at night before you leave for work. Fluctuating the air conditioner usage to suit your schedule will give it the rest it needs.

Be Mindful of the Outdoor Temperature

If you usually set your thermostat to one specific setting, you might be overworking your air conditioner. This is particularly true when you're going through a heat wave. Setting the thermostat to 75 when the outside temperature is in the low 90s will keep your home cool without taxing your air conditioner. However, a 75 degree thermostat setting when the temperatures are in the triple digits can cause your air conditioner to overheat, which could lead to a malfunction. When the temperatures start to go into the triple digits, remember to adjust the setting on your thermostat. Turning your ceiling fans on during those extreme heat days will help circulate the air and keep your home cooler.

Try Spot Cooling

If you're not going to be using all the rooms in your home, take the opportunity to reduce your air conditioner usage. Spot cooling only the rooms you'll be using is a great way to keep yourself comfortable, reduce your cooling bills, and reduce the pressure on your air conditioner. One way to spot cool your home is to close the vents in the rooms that you won't be using. Another way is to install portable air conditioners in the rooms you'll be using the most. That way, you can turn the thermostat up on your main air conditioner and use your portable air conditioners instead.

Don't waste money on your cooling bill this summer. Have your air conditioner serviced now, before the hot weather arrives. Next, implement the suggestions provided here to keep your home cool without overworking your air conditioner. Contact a company that offers air conditioning services for additional information.