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2 Reasons Your House May Not Be Getting Warm

There are many people who wonder why their houses are so cold in the winter. Although they have the heater on, it still may seem as though the house never really reaches a comfortable temperature. There can be a lot of reasons that a house doesn't fully heat up. Here are some ideas.

1. Poor Insulation

One of the main reasons that the house is getting cold is because the insulation in the house is worn down. There is insulation in the walls that help to hold the air in, but there is also weather stripping around the doors and windows that help to hold the heat inside the house. Thus, if you are cranking the heater and you still don't notice a great deal in the temperature in your house, check your windows and doors. When checking the doors you should not see any light or fee air from around the edges of the door. This means that the weather stripping has worn down. As for the windows, you shouldn't notice any wheezing or air coming from the window, the window shouldn't be cold to the touch and there shouldn't be dirt in between the panes. All of these are signs that the window needs replacement because it is no longer insulating the house. If you can fix the insulation around the openings in the house, you will keep your house warmer, since the heat will stay inside the house better.

2. The Air Ducts Are Obstructed

In some cases, your heater will be working fine, but the air ducts are obstructed so even though there is hot air, it is not being blown throughout the house. Some ways that you can tell if there are problems with the ducts is by checking the temperature in each room. For instance, if you are in the kitchen and it is 68 degrees, but then you walk into the family room next door and it is 75 degrees, then your air ducts might have a problem. This is because the heat is getting blown into one room more than the other.

Another sign that you have obstruction is poor air quality. It could mean that there is something inside the ducts and not only is it obstructing the air, but it is spreading dust throughout the house.

By determining reasons your house might be getting as warm as it should you can prevent your heater from overworking to keep the house warm.