Improving Your Air Conditioner

Your Furnace's Last Winter

Winter is the time for your furnace to shine, but it also a time when a lot of pressure is placed on your furnace. It is possible that after a few too many winters that it may be time for your furnace to go to the great place for furnaces in the sky. The key is to know whether it is time for a tune-up or if your furnace is really ready for retirement.

How Old Is It?

One of the easiest ways to determine whether it is time for a furnace replacement is when a furnace has reached the 15-year mark. This is usually a time when the furnace is more likely to begin showing defects and when the furnace will be considered outdated and much less efficient than contemporary models, even if the furnace still works.

How Often Does The Furnace Break Down?

While you will need to spend money every year on maintenance, you should not be spending money every year on repairs. If your furnace keeps breaking down throughout the winter, this is a sign that it has reached its expiration date. It makes more economic sense to invest in a new furnace rather than investing in a furnace that will keep breaking down.

Which Components Need To Be Replaced?

There are some components on a furnace that are inexpensive and are better to replace. However, the heat exchanger and the control module are major components of the furnace and it is less expensive to simply replace the entire furnace. When hiring a repair technician, find out if it is possible to repair an expensive component. If the component needs to be replaced, it is better to have the entire furnace replaced.

Do You Feel Cold?

You should not feel cold during the winter. If you notice that there are areas that are not warm in your home, this should almost always lead to a visit from an HVAC technician. If the technician is not able to find a fix that will allow your HVAC system to heat your home properly, you will need to have it replaced.

Many problems with a furnace can be difficult to detect for those who are not professionally trained. For this reason, it is important that you have your furnace looked at by a maintenance technician in the fall. A technician like Soco Air Conditioning will be able to predict when your furnace is likely to need to be replaced so that you can have finances ready to do so.