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How To Clean Your Condenser Coils

Cleaning your condenser coils is a vital job that you should not neglect. It is one of the few things you can do on your own to help ensure that your condenser is functioning properly. The condenser unit is a vital part of any central AC system. If it is not properly maintained, you will experience reduced airflow and increased energy consumption. This article explains the best way to clean your condenser coils.

Shutting Down Your Condenser

First of all, it is very important that you shut down your condenser before working on it. Not only should you set your thermostat to the off position, you should also cut the power to the actual unit. Some units have a power switch directly on them, but most will need to be shut off by hitting the breaker switch.

Cleaning the Coil

Once the power is shut off you can start to work on your coils. The coils line both the outside and inside of the cylinder-shaped condenser walls. Most people assume that the outside coils get dirtier quicker because they are more exposed to dirt and grime. However, the outside coils are often naturally cleaned off by rain. Sometimes dirt settles within the gaps on the inside coils and never washes away because it doesn't get hit by rain. Regardless, even if you're outside coils look clean, you should check and clean the coils on the inside walls as well.

The best way to clean your coils is just with a hose and some soap. Obviously, you will be able to easily clean the outside coils, but you will need to remove the bird guard on the top of the unit in order to spray down the inside coils. Most guards are attached to the unit with just a couple of screws that you can remove with a power drill. You should soak your coils in water before spraying any soap onto them. Let the soap soak in and break down the dirt for a few minutes before washing it away. Usually won't need to use any sort of scrubbing device. In fact, if you put too much pressure on the coils, you can bend them which is more problematic than having them dirty.

You should notice some dirty runoff when you wash away the soap. This is just dirty and it means that your coils are not much cleaner than before. If you are having other issues with your unit, don't hesitate to reach out to a professional at a place like Tailor Made Maintenance Inc