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Four Common AC Problems That Pets Can Cause and How to Avoid Them

One of the best ways to keep your AC in working condition is with preventative maintenance. There might actually be things your pet is doing to lessen the usability of your AC unit overall. Here are four common AC problems that pets can cause and how to avoid them.

1. Rusting and Corroding of the External AC Unit

If your cat or dog spends time outdoors, they might be territorial of the area around your home. This can involve marking around the house, and your external AC unit might get damaged in the process. Be diligent when it comes to hosing down your external AC unit periodically in order to keep it free of pet and pest urine that can build up and cause corrosion.

2. Clogged Air-Conditioning Filters

While AC units may have recommended timelines when it comes to changing filters, you might need to increase how often you switch these out if you have pets. Cat and dog fur can rapidly accumulate within your AC unit's filter, causing this not to work as well and contributing to allergies within your home. Let your AC repair professional know that you have pets so that they can recommend a filter-replacement schedule that works better for your home.

3. Inadvertently Blocked Vents

If your central AC system runs through floor or wall venting, there is a chance that your pets could be closing or blocking vents on accident. Pets might shut vents when trying to cool down or move furniture that cuts off airflow. It is a good idea to do a check of all AC vents when cleaning so that you can ensure consistent air circulation throughout your home.

4. AC Burnout from Overuse

If your dog is the only one home during the day, you might not need to leave on the AC just for them. While you might worry about your pet's well-being during a heatwave, there are other simpler methods that can save you money and keep your AC unit from working overtime. Be sure to draw all shades in your home before you leave in the morning. If you are worried that temperatures will creep up, be sure to set a thermostat timer that can run during the hottest part of the day rather than leaving the AC on the whole time you are away.

If you have cats and dogs, they might appreciate the cool that your AC unit provides within the home. At the same time, they might be contributing to some of its maintenance issues as well. Try your best to troubleshoot and avoid common pet-related AC problems. If there is an AC issue that might be outside of your scope, call in an AC repair specialist, such as one from Premiere Air Conditioning & Heating, to help.