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A Few Furnace Maintenance Tips

An oil burning furnace can be an excellent option for keeping a home warm during the winters. However, these devices will require some regular maintenance to keep them in good condition. Unfortunately, this is a task that many homeowners will have little experience or knowledge doing. If you are unsure of the steps needed to keep your oil burning furnace in great condition, you might benefit from using the following few maintenance tips.

Remember To Regularly Inspect The Flue

The flue is an essential part of the furnace system because it will allow any fumes and gases produced from burning the oil to vent away from the home. Unfortunately, it is possible for flues to become clogged, which can cause a home to fill with potentially dangerous fumes. To avoid this problem, you will need to make sure that you are regularly checking the flue to ensure that it is not clogged.

In particular, you will want to regularly perform a visual inspection of the top of the flue, as it can be possible for birds, squirrels and other small animals to build nests. If you notice a nest in the top of your flue, you will want to carefully remove it before using the furnace. When removing it, be careful not to accidentally knock pieces of it down the flue, as these materials can be extremely difficult to remove.

Have The Furnace Serviced During The Summer

At least once a year, you will want to have a professional come and inspect and service your furnace. These visits are necessary to ensure that the unit continues to work as efficiently as possible because wear and tear on the internal components can inhibit their ability to function. When this occurs, the system may struggle to distribute the heat that it generates. By scheduling to have this work done during the summer months, you can ensure that the unit is ready for the winters. Also, it may be easier for you to schedule an appointment during this time of the year, which can help to reduce any inconveniences that this task causes.

Avoid Leaving The Area Around The Furnace Cluttered

Having a cluttered area around your furnace can pose a fire threat, and it can also contribute to wear and tear by greatly limiting the airflow into the system. For these two important reasons, you should make sure to keep the space around the furnace as clear as possible. 

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