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3 Solutions To Consider To Make Boilers And Radiant Heating Systems More Efficient

Radiant heating systems are one of the oldest types of heating solutions, and they can be a great way to keep your home comfortable during the winter months. With many radiant heating systems, you may have a boiler that also provides your home with hot water with all year. This can be an extra energy expense if it is an old, outdated boiler. You may want to consider improvements that can reduce the energy consumption of your boiler all year, such as installing a geothermal loop or adding storage tanks and solar energy. Here are some of the solutions that you may want to consider to make your boiler more efficient:

1. Integrating A Geothermal Ground Loop With Your Boiler

Geothermal ground loops are commonly used for conventional central HVAC systems. They provide thermal energy that is a consistent temperature the same as the ground. The water that circulated through a geothermal ground loop is a consistent median temperature of the ground beneath your property.

This means that less energy is needed to heat the water in the boiler, making it more efficient. The geothermal element can be a large circuit of pipes buried on your property, which requires excavations, or it can be a system that uses a well instead. The well may be a good option if you do not have space or do not want to have your landscaping torn up for the installation of a geothermal loop.  

2. Installing A Solar Water Heater And Thermal Storage Tanks

Solar energy may be another solution that you want to consider to make your boiler and radiant heating more efficient. Solar water heaters can be more affordable than geothermal systems if you do not have a ground loop already installed. The solar water heaters work with collectors that circulate water through them to provide your mechanical systems with hot water.

You can also expand the capacity of a solar water heater by installing a thermal storage tank, which can provide water to your boiler when it is needed. The thermal tanks itself is just an insulated tank that is used to store the hot water to be used by the mechanical systems in your home. If you are looking for a practical energy-efficiency improvement, solar energy may be something that you want to consider for your home.

3. Retrofitting Your Boiler To Use Biomass And Other Alternative Energy

If you have an older gas or oil boiler, it may be time to update your heating system. Today, there are many different types of alternative energies available. Biomass can be a good choice if you want to have a heating system that uses a more affordable fuel.

Conventional gas and electric boilers can be converted with a biomass burner, so you will only need to replace the burner on your system and not the entire boiler. The only issue you may need to deal with is storage of fuel materials and feeding systems for pellet systems, or dealing with firewood for a wood burning system.

These are some of the solutions that you may want to consider to make your boiler more energy-efficient. If you are ready to reduce your heating and hot water energy use, contact a heating contractor like one from Doc Dancer Heating, Air Conditioning & Generators and talk with them about some of these solutions for your system.