Improving Your Air Conditioner

Spring Forward With These AC Maintenance Tips And Avoid Major AC Repairs

Are you looking forward to springtime? If so, you are likely making plans for important tasks such as spring cleaning. You may even have a checklist of things to do. Do not overlook the importance of ensuring that your air conditioning is ready for the warm weather. Doing so may help avoid needing AC repairs. The following maintenance points can help.

Ensure you have a clean filter that is appropriate for your unique household circumstances.

Take into consideration whether or not you should use a different type of filter than the one you are removing. For example, it may be better for you to upgrade to pleated filters if you have someone in your household who has seasonal allergies or a compromised immune system. This is because pleated filters are designed to trap large and small particles. Pollen is an example of a larger allergen particle, and viruses are considered as small particles. Regular filters are designed to trap large particles, which means that smaller particles may filter in the air when they are used, and someone could get sick. 

Inspect and remove external debris.

This involves going outside to look around your air conditioning unit. You may find that small branches, leaves or other debris are present. If these are not cleared away, they may negatively impact your AC's performance. 

Check for potential drain line issues.

You will need to turn on your AC to ensure that it is draining correctly. If it is, you should see water running from it outside after running it for a while. If you do not see any water, it is indicative that there may be a clogged drain line issue, which means that the water could be backing up into your home where it could cause water damage. Do not expect to see a copious amount of water. It will most likely be a puddle or a small stream of water exiting the area.

Schedule an AC tune-up appointment.

You need to schedule a tune-up appointment even if you did the other things and your AC appears to be running fine. This is because the tune-up portion is a professional service that will ensure that your AC is running efficiently and not at risk for malfunctioning in areas that would be difficult for you to detect. An example of something that you may not be able to detect or fix is a unit that is low on coolant. 

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