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Troubleshooting a Low Heat Situation in Your Baseboard Heating

If you have baseboard heating in your home, and you are noticing the outflow of heat coming from the heaters is less than you expect, you will need to do some troubleshooting. Low heat output in baseboard heating may be repaired with a few simple steps. Here are some things to be on the lookout for when dealing with baseboard heating that is not warming your home as it should.

Check All Controls for Problems

One of your heater's controlling mechanisms may need to be altered in order to get the heat level you desire. First, check that the thermostat has not been turned down. Someone may have mistakenly set it at a lower temperature than you are used to. Check that the damper is set to the on position as well. If it was slid to the off position, heat will be blocked from coming out of your baseboard heaters. If any electrical cords appear frayed or cracked, call a heating repair service, such as Allied Air Conditioning & Heating Corp, right away. This could cause a fire if a cord with problems is kept plugged in, so removing it from the wall is best until it is evaluated by a professional.

Clean the Coils of Grime

The coils inside your baseboard heaters can become covered in pet fur, dust, and debris over time. This will add an insulating layer on the coils, making the heat remain in the unit rather than being dispersed into your home. It is a good idea to take the cover off the coils every few weeks to take a look at their condition. If you notice a buildup on the coils, a good vacuuming session is necessary. Use a soft bristled brush attachment to remove debris. If any of the fins appear bent, use a fin comb to reposition them so heat will be directed outward. 

Move All Obstructions Away

If you have anything in the direct pathway of the heat being emitted from your heaters, it will be trapped behind these obstructions. If you have carpeting in your home, make sure it is not curled up over the bottom portions of your baseboards, as this will redirect the heat back toward the heater instead of in the room. Move any furniture or window coverings away from the heaters as well so you can enjoy the heat rather than having it squandered in one area of the room.