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How To Slash Your Water Heating Costs

When you think about saving energy, you usually think about turning off lights and raising your air conditioner's thermostat because these are things that you can easily see and control. But did you know that your hot water heater is also one of your home's biggest energy users? Even though it's hidden away where you never think about it, it's your only appliance that runs 24/7/365. Here's how to keep your hot water heater from heating up your budget.

Get Those Leaky Faucets Fixed

You know that leaky faucets waste water, but you might not care because you live somewhere where you don't pay for water usage or a slightly higher water bill just doesn't give you enough motivation to pay up for a fix. Did you know that you might be wasting electricity or oil, too?

If the leak is on the hot water side of the valve, your faucet is constantly pulling hot water out of your water heating and forcing it to draw in more cold water that it then has to heat up. Instead of staying at low power when you aren't using water, it will be constantly on.

Lower the Hot Water Heater Thermostat

When you turn on your hot water heater, is the water too hot to touch even when you have the faucet nowhere near maximum heat? Most hot water heaters have their dials set to the maximum even though it's well above the actual temperature needed by dishwashers and washing machines.

If you never use hot water that's at maximum temperature, turn the water heater temperature down. The higher it's set, the more energy you use, so turn it down to the hottest temperature you need.

Insulate Your Hot Water Tank

Hot water heater tanks are pretty thick, but most could be insulated better. Think about a cup of coffee—a paper cup won't keep it hot as long as a glass mug, and a glass mug won't keep it hot as long as a thick thermos.

Wrap a thermal blanket designed for hot water heaters around the tank to help keep the heat trapped inside and to keep surrounding cold air from cooling down your hot water during the winter months.

To learn more about the latest in hot water heater technology or to learn more ways to bring your water heating costs down, contact a local HVAC contractor like Always Ready Repair.