Improving Your Air Conditioner

Preparing Your HVAC For The Coming Thaw

In the stark realization that spring is on its way it's easy to lose sight of some essential maintenance around your house. Projects overlap, family trips start getting planned, and some very basic tasks fall by the wayside. Preparing your air conditioner for the onslaught of warm weather shouldn't be among those, and if you make a solid plan well in advance you'll stand a better chance of being ready when the mercury starts to rise.

Get it Checked

Even if you had your furnace checked out in the fall that doesn't mean your AC will pass the same inspection. Call in a professional to check out the components that make your air conditioning function. Your AC has a number of components which may not be included in a typical furnace inspection.

The most important component of a central air conditioning system is actually the outside unit, which functions much like the coils on your refrigerator. Inspections should include checks of the fins within the assembly, Freon levels and cleaning. Any one of these areas could seriously impair your AC's efficiency, resulting in higher cooling costs or eventual break down of the system.

Preserving and Improving Performance

Airborne dust and debris will always find a way into the expansion coils of your AC unit, preventing them from properly dissipating heat as the unit operates. A good cleaning every few months will preserve their performance, saving you money over time. If you live in an area prone to extreme weather it's also a good idea to check the fins on your AC after serious storms, especially those producing hail or high winds. It's also a good idea to keep grass or shrubbery around your AC trimmed back to allow free air flow.

Use fans inside your home to maximize air circulation while your AC is running. This will cut down on the amount of work your system needs to do to draw in warm air and cool your home. Even if you don't have ceiling fans a simple oscillating or box fan will make a huge difference over the course of the summer.

While full system inspection and maintenance services are available from most HVAC contractors, sometimes it's simply more convenient to spread those visits out on a seasonal basis. Just make sure that any time your furnace is inspected you follow that up with an AC inspection before summer is in full swing. For more information, contact a company like D & W Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.