Improving Your Air Conditioner

Three Reasons You Need To Put Air Conditioner Inspection And Maintenance On Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

Don't wait until the summer heat sets in to inspect your air conditioning unit. You need to know if your AC unit is running well or it needs repairs, so you should make air conditioner inspection and maintenance part of your spring cleaning routine. Here's why.


One of the most important reason to add air conditioning maintenance to your spring cleaning checklist is because of the timing. The last thing you want to do is be stuck in a sweltering hot house, waiting for your AC to be fixed. If you perform a routine inspection in the spring, you can get any needed AC repairs completed before the hot weather arrives and your local AC service companies have schedules that are overflowing.

Save Money on Repairs

Because air conditioning service repairmen are in high demand during the summer months, they are able to charge more for their services. If you take care of any AC repairs needed during the spring, you might be able to save a little bit of money.

Energy Costs

If you don't complete an annual air conditioner inspection and have any repairs completed, your air conditioner could be using more energy than needed. Unfortunately, when this happens, it also increases your utility bills. You can save quite a bit of money on your utilities just by inspecting and maintaining your air conditioning unit. In fact, by replacing your air conditioner's filter on a regular basis, you can decrease the amount of energy it consumes by between five and 15 percent.

Remove any debris around your AC unit, test how well the unit runs, and clean the air conditioner coils during your spring cleaning to make sure your summer utility bills are as low as possible.

Low coolant levels can also cause your air conditioner unit to use more energy than it should. So, make sure you check the level of the coolant as part of your inspection. If it's low, call your local AC repair company to have your AC unit recharged before you start to use it.

If you put off completing an annual air conditioner inspection, you might not be able to have needed repairs completed before the weather is hot. In the long run, skipping an annual inspection or avoiding needed repairs will end up costing you more discomfort and money. So, save yourself the trouble and make inspecting and maintaining your AC unit as part of your spring cleaning routine.