Improving Your Air Conditioner

Three Ways To Improve Your HVAC System's Performance

Cooling and heating a home can absorb a disproportionate amount of your budget, but you don't have to just assume that there is nothing you can do to decrease your HVAC costs. Sometimes all you need is a little maintenance to get a lot more efficiency, and sometimes you just need to improve your home's energy efficiency. Still, without spending a ton of money, there are at least three things you can quickly do to improve your HVAC system's efficiency and save yourself some money. 

Seal Your Ducts

Forcing air through your duct system creates outward pressure against the walls of your ducts. Also, the temperature of your ducts is constantly fluctuating, so they are constantly expanding and contracting. Over time, these two factors can cause the joints and seams in your ducts to start to leak. If your ducts run through the inside of the walls in your home, you will need to hire a duct company to inspect the ducts and repair whatever leaks they find. Leaky ducts can decrease your AC efficiency by up to 40%, so paying to have them inspected and repaired makes a lot of sense. 

Install Window Film

During the summer, UV rays can stream right through your windows and heat up your home. This solar heat gain is one of the chief factors that drives up the temperature in your home and causes your AC to work over time to cool your home back down. During the winter, heat will leak out of your home through your windows. Window film can reflect the sun's rays back out your window and reflect heat back inside. This will help you to reduce your summer cooling costs by up to 23% and your heating costs by up to 25%. 

Plant Trees

While planting trees will not give you the immediate results that you can get by sealing your AC ducts or installing window film, they can help greatly over time. Planting tall trees with a large crown on the south of your home can help block the noonday sun, and planting evergreens on the north and west of your home can block the wind and help reduce your heating costs by up to 30%

As you can see, there is no reason to simply accept your HVAC costs as immutable. In fact, the more you do to improve your home's energy efficiency, the more money you can save. Contact a company like A Absolute Plumbing & Heating for more information.